Piano Makes Kids Smarter

When a child plays piano they use both sides of the brain and strengthen brain connectivity.  Children who play music test higher in math and reading.

Lessons @ Your Child’s School

The K-Piano Learning System is offered in partnership with the leading school district’s of Georgia.  Providing you with quality piano lessons conveniently at your child’s school.

Online Lessons @ Your Home

Students enrolled in the K-Piano receive a username and log-in to continue the learning experience at home.  Online they earn points for their class as they access and complete videos, quizzes, games, and more.


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Top Experts

Ken Wilson

Hi my name is Mr. Ken Wilson.  I play several instruments and I truly love working with the kids of K-Piano.  Hope you enjoy the site.



My family has had a wonderful experience with K-Piano.  Our son started with K-Piano 3 years ago in the Henry County Schools. We’ve watched him excel.  The instructors are great and I strongly recommend this program for all children who have a desire to play the piano.

Kendal Bradley, 3rd Year K-Parent

My daughter Maysen loves K-Piano. She previously had piano lessons before, but K-Piano really taught her the music theory necessary to sight read and play whatever music is placed in front of her.  She loves Mr. Kenny, and all the instructors.  They truly care and it feels like family… and that matters to me.

Gwen Shields-Webb, 1st Year K-Parent

The program is excellent. The control of the room, the manner in which the work is expressed, and the volume of knowledge they learn in such a short period of time is incredible.

Mr. Grismore, Henry County Fine Arts Teacher